Rowing is one of the traditional and popular sports on the Lower Rhine. Because the Rhine and the numerous rivers and lakes offer numerous opportunities to pull the straps. If you just want to row out on a lake at the weekend, you can rent a rowboat from the various boat rental companies.

Rowing Rhine



Let yourself be inspired by rowing, because this sport is not only a very special sport in terms of sporting aspects, which at the same time promotes endurance, strength and coordination, but usually also brings with it a piece of nature experience. You can also practice rowing as a lone fighter or in a team. But for both variants, safety is the most important thing. Non-swimmers should definitely wear a life jacket. Since the sport is usually practiced in a natural environment. Take care of nature.

Rowing & Nature: Since the sport is mostly practiced in a natural environment, care must be taken about nature. For example, oarsmen should not use vegetated bank embankments as landing or depositing places. Furthermore, one should avoid driving into reeds or reed beds, which often grow on the waters of the Lower Rhine. Further useful information about rowing on the Lower Rhine can also be obtained from the North Rhine-Westphalian Rowing Association in Duisburg, or from individual rowing clubs in cities and municipalities. Or visit one of the numerous regatta events on the Lower Rhine and make your first contacts. Kuhpfad wishes you lots of fun.

If you would like to row on a lake, you can rent a boat. For example, there is a boat rental in the Krefeld city forest or at the Hariksee. Rowing on the Rhine should only be done by experienced rowers

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