In the region of the Lower Rhine there are various kart tracks that have different race tracks. There are indoor and outdoor kart tracks where you can do your laps in a go-kart.
Depending on the engine power, professional karts can reach speeds of over 200 km / h. The karts for recreational athletes are much slower, but still have a lot of fun. Incidentally, all drivers must wear a helmet for safety. We also recommend tight-fitting clothes for the hobby driver and sturdy shoes. Some kart tracks also provide overalls.

Go Kart


Karting has become very popular in recent years and now has a large fan base. Races are held in a wide variety of kart classes and often spark great enthusiasm among the spectators.

If you would like to steer a go-kart yourself, numerous kart tracks on the Lower Rhine offer the opportunity.

Kart Tracks

Outdoor-Kartbahn Niederkruechten

Kart track: 550-meter outdoor racetrack with 14 bends. Shop offers used karts as well as accessories & spare parts

Address: Raderberg 2, 41366 Schwalmtal

Kaarst RS Speedworld

Kart track: 300 meter long race track with regular track conversions, the track has a track announcer cabin, stadium display, driver display

Address: Friedrich-Krupp-Str. 10, 41564 Kaarst

Mönchengladbach RS Kartarena

Kart track: Approx. 500 meter indoor track. Events such as the 100 lap race in Mönchengladbach, children’s birthdays or other celebrations

Address: Krefelder Str. 81, 41063 Mönchengladbach

Weeze GPN Grand Prix

Kart track: Kart track with slow and fast curve combinations as well as long straights for speed. Route length about 460 meters.

Address: Industriestrasse 23-27, 47652 Weeze



This map shows some kart tracks in the region of the Lower Rhine. Here you can drive different go karts.

Kart Tracks

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In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find divers activities like bungee jumping, bowling, kart tracks, casino and more.

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