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The planet path in Rees is a very special hiking path, because all planets of the solar system are shown here.

The individual planetary stations can be found along the hiking trail or bike path to Rees-Mehr. You can start at the old fortification in Rees on the planet sun. All planets of the solar system are shown at a length of about 6 kilometers.


Planet Path Rees Hiking Trail

Stations on the planetary path are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. You can hike on the planetary path and at the same time learn interesting facts about the planetary system. Integrated into the Lower Rhine landscape, the planet path is very worth seeing and also very interesting for nature lovers and hikers.

Planet Path Rees Hiking Trail

This map shows the Planet Path Rees in the region of the Lower Rhine, which is very interesting for hikers and others too.

This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

Natural Sites

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The region of the Lower Rhine offers a variety of opportunities to make leisure time entertaining, cultural or sporty.

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