The historic Irmgadis path leads from the Irmgadis chapel, which is located on the Süchtelner heights, to the Helenquellen in Helenabrunn.

The path is about 10 kilometers long and leads the hiker through the Süchtelner Höhen forest area at the beginning. By the way, you should be a little fit for this route, because there are some small climbs on this route. You can park comfortably in the parking lot on the main road L 475 (Hindenburgstraße), from there you go to the Irmgadis Chapel and from there follow the signs with IL, which signpost the Irmgadispfad to Helenabrunn.


Irmgadispfad Hiking Trail

Historical background to the Irmgadis path.

In the 11th century Irmgadis lived on the Heiligenberg (Süchtelner Heights) as a hermit and, according to tradition, only left her home to make a pilgrimage to Saint Helena in Helenabrunn, formerly known as Lenebur. Today Irmgadis is considered a saint and is very venerated on the Lower Rhine, because she is said to have done a lot of good for the poor and needy during her lifetime. With the Irmgardis octave, in the week after September 4th of each year, a centuries-old tradition is maintained in Süchteln and St. Irmgadis is commemorated.

Irmgadispfad Hiking Trail

To the left of the chapel there are some information signs, take a look and then start your hike to Helenabrunn. The first part of the path is very natural and takes you through the forest area of ​​the Süchtelner Heights. On the way to Helenabrunn there are other small sights, such as the stone labyrinth and the Bismarck tower.

Parking lots at Süchtelner Heights:

On the Süchtelner Heights – Hindenburgstrasse 161, 41749 Viersen (51.279126, 6.352137)
At the Viersener Labyrinth: Aachener Weg (51.258818, 6.366021) parking lot
(51.270765, 6.359520

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