The Lake Harik (Hariksee) is a local recreation area in the Schwalmtal with attractions such as hiking trails, boat rental and mini golf.Seite Zeile 3!

These include extensive hiking trails, boat rental, mini golf and restaurants with a sun terrace. Boat tours across Lake Harik are also very popular. Hop on, the passenger ship “Patschel” shuttles between the landing stages Mühlrather Mühle and Inselschlösschen, where the restaurants are also located. Or rent a weekend house at Lake Harik (Hariksee) and enjoy the view of the lake. Go out to the Hariksee or take a bike tour there, you will be amazed.


Lake Harik (Hariksee)

The water surface of approx. 20 hectares also offers anglers space for fishing. Fishing permits in Hariksee are available from the boat rental at the Hariksee Marina. Take a vacation from everyday life. At Hariksee you can let your soul dangle. If you come by car, it is best to park in the parking lot at Inselschlösschen, parking lot at the mini golf course, hiking parking lot at Brempter Mühle or at the parking lot at Mühlrather Mühle.

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Lake Harik (Hariksee)

Address: Harikseeweg 78, 41366 Schwalmtal

Opening Times : See Homepage

Tickets: free


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