Paddling and canoe tours on the Niers, the small river Niers, which is located in the region of the Lower Rhine, is a popular spot for paddle and canoe tours. Numerous piers along the Niers offer various options for different tours. Whether short distances of 8 kilometers or organized multi-day tours, the Niers is an interesting area for both beginners and professionals. From the south (source), the Niers flows north through numerous Lower Rhine towns and municipalities. These include Mönchengladbach, Viersen, Wachtendonk, Straelen, Geldern, Kevelaer, Weeze and Goch. A note is allowed here. Avoid riparian zones and shallow water zones, as well as designated conservation areas.


Paddling and canoeing on the Niers

In addition to beautiful natural landscapes, there are also numerous sights along the Niers. So hikers, paddlers or cyclists who are walking along the Niers can find some historic watermills as well as beautiful old manor houses and castles. Not to be forgotten are the beautiful natural sites on the Niers.

Paddling and canoeing on the Niers

The Niers flows very slowly, so the flow is very low. There are also no locks on the Niers, but only a few weirs where you have to carry the boat around. In addition, the Lower Rhine landscape is usually very flat and the Niers is not particularly deep, so you have a good view of the natural landscape of the Lower Rhine. For these reasons, the Niers is an interesting paddling area for both beginners and advanced. Experience a modern adventure on the Lower Rhine.

There are numerous jetties on the Niers where you can launch the boats, whether canoes, kayaks or inflatable boats. In any case, use one of these designated entry and exit points. Bringing boats into the water in other places is only forbidden, but harms nature. Because the embankments in particular are breeding and spawning grounds for many resident animals and birds. Take a cell phone with you to call for help in an emergency. Also think about sun protection and drinks. You can later dispose of your rubbish at the landing stages. Fresh clothes are also recommended if you get wet.

There are moorings and entry and exit points on the Niers at the following locations:

Viersen-Willich : Straßenbrücke B7
Viersen-Süchteln: Straßenbrücke L475
Grefrath-Oedt: Langendonker-Mühle, Langendonkerweg
Wachtendonk: Moorenstr.
Geldern: Am Goltenhof, 47608 Geldern
Wetten: Hauptstraße, 47625 Kevelaer-Wetten
Kevelaer: Rheinstraße / Kevelaerstr.
Weeze : Fährsteg,47652 Weeze
Weeze: Höst-Vornicker-Weg
Weeze: Kervenheimer Straße, Schloss Wissen
Goch: Mühlenstraße
Goch-Kessel: Bogenstraße


This map shows the little river Niers in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different leisure activities.

Niers River

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