Bungee jumping, one of the most popular extreme sports worldwide, which also finds numerous fans on the Lower Rhine. Bungee jumping is particularly popular because it gives many jumpers, who only fall only secured on a rubber rope from a bridge, a tall building or a crane, the special kick. As most jumpers report, it does not only take a little courage to plunge deeply the first time. But most jumpers are said to have been rewarded for their courage with a very special feeling of happiness.


Bungee Jumping

Depending on the jump height (often at 50 – 60 meters), the jumper falls in free fall for a few moments, before the rubber rope brakes the fall and the jumper is then thrown back several times, and the rope finally settles in and the jumper comes to rest . The braking phase often stops the jumper a few meters from the ground. For many, a special thrill is getting as close to the ground as possible before the rope springs the knight into the rebound. There are now more and more variations of bungee jumping. For example, a distinction is made between 2 fastening methods either on the ankles or on the hips. The jump into the depth can also be experienced from a variety of platforms.

For example, jumps from car cranes, tall buildings or bridges are popular (however, jumping from bridges is not permitted in Germany). However, what should always be in the foreground is security. Because bungee jumping also dangerous.

A selection of organizers that offer jumps on the Lower Rhine.


Internet: http://www.bungee-action.de/


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