Bowling is a popular leisure activity for almost everyone that combines fun, play and sport. Most of the games are played on Brunswick bowling lanes, with scores being computer-controlled today. But before you can enter the bowling alley and the balls are rolled onto the pins, you have to put on your bowling shoes. You can usually borrow them on site. The goal of bowling is to knock down as many pins as possible with the ball (ball with holes). It is not about strength, but skill that counts. Choose a suitable ball (there are different weight classes), take a little swing and let the ball roll over the course so that all 10 pins fall over, then you have a strike.


On the Lower Rhine you will find numerous bowling centers that offer different opportunities and services.

Cosmic Bowling & Fun

Grefrath Cosmic Bowling & Fun is bowling, sports bar and restaurant in one. A total of twelve bowling alleys from Brunswick are available, which are equipped with the latest technology.

Address: Am Waldrand 7, 47929 Grefrath
Reservations: online

This map shows some bowling centers in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different services and more.

Bowling Centers

Leisure Fun Lower Rhine

The region of the Lower Rhine offers a variety of opportunities to make leisure time entertaining, cultural or sporty.

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