With the so-called museum & tourist train on the Lower Rhine you can experience a piece of railway romance.

The Museum & Tourist Train runs on various routes on the Lower Rhine at different times throughout the year. For example, you can get to the Wesel train station or the Hohe Mark nature reserve from the Rhine promenade in Wesel. The historic train runs, for example, at Easter, Whitsun and during the PPP city festival from the Rhine promenade via the train station, the old waterworks to the Hohe Mark and back.


Museum and Tourist Train Wesel

Info & Notes :

The nostalgic train runs on certain dates / you can also charter the train, which can then run on Deutsche Bahn AG tracks or on private and industrial railway tracks. Anyone who wants to can become a member of the Historischer Eisenbahnverkehr Wesel e.V. . Very popular are i.a. St. Nicholas trips with gifts on the train

Industrial Monuments in the Lower Rhine region:

Museum and Tourist Train Wesel

Location : Stops for example , Rheinpromenade Wesel, Altana , Bahnhof Wesel, Altes Wasserwerk, Hohe Mark

Internet : http://www.hsw-wesel.de/

This map shows some industrial monuments in the region of the Lower Rhine. Among these are bridges , old steal mills and more.

Industrial Monuments

Historic Buildings Lower Rhine

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find diverse historic buildings as castles,  palaces, churches and more.

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