Shaft IV of the former coal mine Rheinpreussen in Moers is a relic from the heyday of mining on the Lower Rhine. And is one of the industrial cultural monuments that one should have seen.

The oldest surviving headframe with double struts can still be seen today. In 1989, Shaft IV was placed under a preservation order and the hoisting machine building was renovated so that visitors can view the old machines. Photos, exhibits and video films also provide an insight into the time when mining in the Lower Rhine region still had a major impact on people’s lives in the region. Visits are possible in the summer months (May to October) every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. The Grafschafter Museums- und Geschichtsverein in Moers e.V. is responsible for the industrial monument and tours.


Mining Shaft 4 Moers

Info & Notes :

Check opening times on homepage before you go there. Guided tours for groups and school classes by appointment.

Industrial Monuments in the Lower Rhine region:

Mining Shaft 4

Location : Zechenstraße 50, 47443 Moers-Hochstraß

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Industrial Monuments

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