On the summit of the dump of the former Rheinpreussen colliery in Moers, a huge, red miner’s lamp is now shining.

The “Laterna Magica” is a 30 meter high replica of an original miner’s lamp was created by the artist & professor Otto Piene and is intended to remind of the economic and cultural importance of mining on the Lower Rhine in the past. After years of planning and implementation, the red rays of light from the Laterna Magica are now shining from the dump and attracting visitors from near and far to the “landmark”. But before the miner’s lamp could light up, there were a few hurdles to overcome. Finally, the persistence of the “Förderkreis Landmarke Grubenampe e.V.”, which was led by Dr. Gappa was the success of this unique project. In September 2007 the time had finally come. The light, as the miner’s lamp is called, was inaugurated and the light installation lit the heap in red for the first time.


Magic Lantern

Info & Notes :

The color red was specially chosen because it best expresses the energy that is in coal and mining. Because what is all too often forgotten in the internet age is that coal mining is part of the German economic miracle, and mining has long had a strong influence on cultural life. Traces of this can be found everywhere to this day.

Industrial Monuments in the Lower Rhine region:

Magic Lantern (Das Geleucht)

Location : Gutenbergstraße, 47443 Moers ( GPS 51°28’42.8″N 6°38’59.7″E)

Internet : http://www.das-geleucht.de/

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Industrial Monuments

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