The Landschaftspark-Duisburg-Nord is located on the site of the former Meiderich iron and steel works in the north of the city of Duisburg.

The Duisburg Nord landscape park covers an area of ​​around 200 hectares. On the one hand, the park reminds of the heyday of iron and steel production on the Rhine with the old ironworks and on the other hand it offers residents and visitors a wide range of leisure activities. Since nature is also reclaiming its place more and more, you can now find rare plant species in the landscape park itself. Today the park presents itself to its visitors in a very special way.


Landscape Park Duisburg North

Some rooms and halls of the former steam blower house are also available for events such as company parties or theater performances. The TV commissioner “Schimanski” premiered his crime scene here. In addition, various events take place on the grounds of the landscape park.
There are numerous playgrounds and separate climbing areas for children. Information signs lead to the individual attractions. Those who would like more information can either explore the individual information boards in the landscape park or take part in a guided tour.

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Climbing in the landscape park
Diving in the gasometer

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Landscape Park Duisburg North

Location : Emscherstraße – 47137 Duisburg

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