Cognac was still distilled here around 1810, but today you can visit the old wine distillery on a guided tour or enjoy a beer or a Dujardin in the distillery’s beer garden. Some parts of the building are also used as office space and studios. In this way, a piece of industrial history on the Rhine is preserved, even if it is used for a new purpose.


Old Distillery Dujardin

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Already around 1810 wine was refined into a fine cognac in Uerdingen. But since 1919, due to the Treaty of Versailles, the name cognac was no longer allowed to be used, and since then a German brandy has been brought onto the market under the brand name “Dujardin”. After years of success, however, brandy sales declined in the 1970s and parts of the production were relocated from the Uerdingen location. The decline of the plant on the Rhine seemed almost sealed. But in 2006 the founding family Melcher took over the trademark rights to “Dujardin Imperial” again and the old factory returned to life with the founder’s great-grandson. Today you can not only visit the unique production facilities, but also hold conferences, seminars and even events with up to 200 people in the historic plant.

Industrial Monuments in the Lower Rhine region:

Old Distillery Dujardin

Location : Hohenbudberger Strasse 4-10, 47829 Krefeld-Uerdingen

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