Windmill Roman Tower Sonsbeck (Klevische Mühle) , the windmill built in Sonsbeck in the 15th century, is one of the oldest mills on the Lower Rhine and is also called the Roman Tower.

The mill stands on the site of a former watchtower from Roman times. Today there is a luxurious hotel room on the top floor of the Roman tower.


Windmill Roman Tower Sonsbeck

Windmill Roman Tower Sonsbeck

Info & Notes :

Built : Built in the 15th century, grain was ground there until 1836, today the tower belongs to a hotel, unfortunately the wings are missing.

Opening times: See Homepage

Specials : Hotel Rooms inside the mill

Historic mills on the Lower Rhine:

Windmill Roman Tower Sonsbeck

Location : Dassendaler Weg 14, 47665 Sonsbeck
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