The historic and functional windmill in Xanten has the name Kriemhildmühle and stands on the north wall of the historic town center of the old Roman town.

Around 1800 the mill was built as an oil mill. Today, however, grain is ground here, which is then processed into bread and baked goods in the attached bakery. If you want, you can enjoy the baked goods on site.


Windmill Kriemhildmuehle Xanten

When the wind is good, sails drive the mill, and the force of the wind is finally transmitted to the millstones via wooden gears. The grain then passes from a funnel into the millstones, and one floor below, freshly ground wholemeal flour slides into a flour barrel at the end.

If you want to see the technology behind the mill, the mill tower can be viewed by visitors during opening hours. With a little luck, the miller will just set the sails and the inner workings of the mill will then start moving. By the way, climbing the tower is chargeable.

Info & Notes :

Built : The mill was built on the former watchtower of the city wall. The mill was built around 1800 as an oil mill, but shortly afterwards it was rebuilt as a grain mill and is still in use today. Height of the mill to the ridge: 19.3m – wing cross diameter: 21.5 m

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Specials : The mill operators offer a hands-on program during which you can take part in setting sails or baking bread. Whether it’s children’s birthdays or company outings, the mill offers an interesting program. Whole grain products made from own flour.

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Windmill Kriemhildmuehle Xanten

Location : Nordwall 5, 46509 Xanten
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