Brüggen watermill is a water mill from the 13th century, the blades of which are driven by the Schwalm River.

Today there is a restaurant in the former oil and grain mill. The “Alte Brüggener Mühle” café-restaurant, like the mill, is located in the middle of the Maas-Schwalm-Nette nature reserve., And is an ideal starting point or stop for hiking and cycling in the region.


Watermill Brueggen

Info & Notes :

Built : In operation from 1289 to around 1955. In 1975 converted into a restaurant. Nevertheless, the old grinders of this oil and grain mill can be visited today.

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Specials : The watermill’s 36 paddle wheels still turn today.

Historic mills on the Lower Rhine:

Watermill Brueggen

Location : Brüggener Str. 13, Brüggen
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