In Düsseldorf Wersten is a laser tag arena. You can have fun here on 750 square meters. The aim of the game in the Arena is to use a “phaser” (laser pistol) to hit (tag) the light vests of the opponents and not to be hit yourself. So it means crouch, hide and dodge. There are numerous ways to take cover. However, some walls are only half high and have windows, so watch out.

Even if you can shoot with the phaser, the laser tag system is not a place to shoot around. Sports spirit, attention and skill are required. A session in the laser tag system usually lasts 15 minutes. There are different game modes such as team mode (team against team, with the vests shining in the respective team color), solo mode (here everyone plays against everyone), gladiator mode (each player may only be hit to a limited extent, after which he is eliminated) or also the zombie mode. Whether with friends, work colleagues, families or alone, the Lasertag Arena promises fun.


Laser Tag Arena

A little tip: Wear dark and comfortable clothes. However, camouflage clothing is frowned upon. For frequent gamers or regular guests, there is a member card that offers some advantages. However, from 10 years of age, the game may only be played with a supervisor – from 12 years with a written consent from the parents. Alcohol is not allowed before and during the game, after the game there are various refreshments in the lobby. A reservation is not necessary but recommended to avoid possible waiting times.

Laserplex – Laser Tag Arena Düsseldorf

Address: Kölner Landstraße 30, 40591 Düsseldorf
pening times : See homepage

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