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Mary’s picture Kevelaer, according to the stories, the merchant “Hendrik Busmann” heard a voice on his way (Weeze after Geldern) telling him to build a chapel. Since the money was scarce at that time, the merchant hesitated. He heard the voice twice and had a small chapel built. And when one night his wife Mechel had a vision of a chapel with a picture of Mary, the merchant woman bought a devotional picture of Mary, the Mother of God.

Chapel of Mercy


Mary’s picture Kevelaer

It is said , that in June 1642 the pastor have placed the picture of grace in the wayside shrine. Henceforth, people made a pilgrimage to the image of the Virgin “Consolator of the Afflicted” (Consolatrix Afflictorum).

Eventually, the first pilgrimage church was built, today’s candle chapel and later the Marienbasilika. In 1647 Kevealer was officially recognized as a place of pilgrimage. The picture of grace can be seen today in the chapel of grace and attracts pilgrims from all over the world to Kevelaer. It should be mentioned that numerous miraculous healings have occurred since the chapel was founded and the picture was placed.

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