Whether a short vacation, weekend trip, cycling vacation, city trip or business trip, the region of the Lower Rhine is a popular travel destination in Germany that has a lot to offer. Because the Lower Rhine is one of the most diverse regions on the Rhine, which will inspire you with numerous attractions and sights as well as a varied range of leisure and events. Take a look, Eating Drinking Sleeping offers you a wealth of information.

To Eat Out Lower Rhine


Eating Out

The districts of Kleve, Viersen, Wesel and Neuss as well as the cities of Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Duisburg and Möchengladbach belong to the Lower Rhine. No matter where your visit takes you, you will find numerous restaurants and accommodations on the Lower Rhine.

Here you will find a variety of restaurants, breweries and snack bars that offer their guests both regional and international dishes and drinks. There should be something for every taste. There is a wide range of options, from the snack bar with currywurst to traditional inns with home-style cuisine to the gourmet restaurant with specialties. Stop in and let yourself be pampered by the Rhenish hospitality. You should definitely try the fermented beer specialty (Altbier) from the Lower Rhine.


There are numerous restaurants on the Lower Rhine that offer different dishes and drinks. From regional cuisine to traditional dishes to fine dining, you will find something for every skill.

Snack Bars

On the Lower Rhine you will find numerous snack bars and fast food restaurants that offer fries and the popular currywurst, among other things. Eating currywurst in a snack bar is very popular.


Beer has been brewed on the Lower Rhine for centuries. Beer is served in the breweries on the Lower Rhine and traditions are also lived and cultivated. Therefore, the breweries are very popular with both locals and tourists.

Farm Cafes

More and more farmers are offering homemade cakes and various dishes in their cafes. in many cases the ingredients of the dishes come from their own cultivation or from neighboring farmers. Farm cafes have become very popular and also event locations.

Beer Gardens

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find numerous beer gardens that offer a wide variety of food and drinks


Niederrheinische Kaffeetafel (Lower Rhine coffee table)


A specialty from the Lower Rhine region is the Niederrheinische Kaffeetafel (Lower Rhine coffee table)

Sweet meets hearty, that is how you could briefly describe the Lower Rhine coffee table. But the Lower Rhine coffee table is much more. The Lower Rhine coffee table is a tradition, serves socializing and is also filling. . Of course the Lower Rhine coffee table and all these delicacies come from the region, which is known for its agricultural products.

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Alt Beer (Altbier)

Altbier is a full beer that is brewed mainly on the Lower Rhine. Secretly, however, Düsseldorf is the Altbier Capital, since several traditional Altbier breweries are located here. Here the Altbier is tapped directly from the barrel and served in small, usually 0.2 liter glasses.

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Lower Rhine Accommodations

Whether short breaks, weekend trips, cycling holidays or city trips, this website shows a selection of accommodations.

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Shopping Lower Rhine

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find shopping streets, farm shops as well as luxury shops or shopping centers!

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