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The offer of guided tours varies and some tours are only offered in summer. There are guided tours, themed tours, city tours and night watchman tours in various cities on the Lower Rhine.

Experience the city with its numerous sights during a guided tour. Visit the most important sights of the city and hear stories and anecdotes about the respective city.


Guided tours, city tours, themed tours and more

City Tour “Monks walk”

Experience Mönchengladbach on a guided tour and learn interesting facts and stories about the city on the Lower Rhine.

City Tours Mönchengladbach – Around the Münster

Experience a special walk around the Mönchengladbach Münster. During the 120-minute tour you will hear interesting facts about the Münster and the Middle Ages.

City tour by bus

2.5-hour city tour, with participants learning a lot about 1000 years of city history.

Further themed tours on certain dates:

With a horse and covered wagon through the city center
Myth of Borussia
Medieval tour
Colorful and botanical garden
Wickrather castle stories

Individual city tours only by appointment. You can choose from:

Discover Mönchengladbach by bus
Palace Tour: Of robber knights and noble ladies
Myth Borussia: German Football Route NRW
Discover Mönchengladbach by bike
With a horse and covered wagon through the city center
Old town walk: of monks, legends and legends
Medieval Tour: From philistines, farmers and thieves

Guided tours are offered on certain dates. There are also tours that can be individually arranged for groups. Let the respective provider advise you.

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