Dinslaken Tours

The offer of guided tours varies and some tours are only offered in summer. There are guided tours, themed tours, city tours and night watchman tours in various cities on the Lower Rhine.

Experience the city with its numerous sights during a guided tour. Visit the most important sights of the city and hear stories and anecdotes about the respective city.


Guided tours, city tours, themed tours and more

Tour with the Night Watchman

Experience Dinslaken with the night watchman and hear stories and interesting facts about Dinslaken.

Out and about with the witch Ulanth Dammartz

Experience medieval Dinslaken with the witch Ulanth Dammartz and hear the cruel story of the supposed witch Ulanth Dammartz

Themed Tours

Führungen auf der Zeche Lohberg (Guided tours of the Lohberg colliery)
Führungen durch die Gartenstadt Lohberg (Guided tours through the garden city of Lohberg)
Historisches Hiesfeld – Auf den Spuren der größten Landgemeinde Preußens (Historic Hiesfeld – On the trail of the largest rural community in Prussia)
Überraschendes vom Dinslakener Nachtwächter (Surprising things from the Dinslaken night watchman)
Radtouren (bike tours)
Segway Tours

Guided tours are offered on certain dates. There are also tours that can be individually arranged for groups. Let the respective provider advise you.

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Stadtinformation am Rittertor

Address: Ritterstraße 1, 46535 Dinslaken
Internet : https://www.dinslaken.de

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