Wassenberg Castle is located on the Lower Rhine and is well worth seeing.

The place Wassenberg is located in a beautiful landscape of forest and heathland and has some sights, including the Wassenberg Castle. This is a little higher on a former moth. One of the most imposing parts of the castle is the former keep, which is now used as a lookout tower. Further witnesses of the eventful past are the restored city gate and some defense towers.


Wassenberg Castle

History: The castle was first mentioned in detail in 1020 – the parts of the building that have survived to this day date from the 15th century – today the castle is used as “”.
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Castles and Palaces on the Lower Rhine:

Wassenberg Castle

Location : Auf dem Burgberg 1, 41849 Wassenberg

Opening Times: See Homepage

Internet : https://www.wassenberg.de/

This map shows some historic castles and palaces in the region of the Lower Rhine. Some are among the most beautiful castles in Europe.

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You will find numerous historic building in the region of the Lower Rhine. For example castles, churches, mills and more.

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