A Moorish pavilion is located in Rheurdt in the region of the Lower Rhine and is a former tea house of the von der Leyen family.

The Moorish Pavilion originally belonged to the extensive park of the neighboring Leyenburg Palace. The two-storey building was erected in the middle of the 19th century in an exotic Indian style with a pagoda roof. No similar building is known in the entire Rhineland.


Moorish Pavilion

History: The pavilion was built in the 19th century under Friedrich Johann von der Leyen. The pavilion was leased from around 1900. From 1907-1920 the pavilion was used as a residence by a forest ranger. After the Second World War, the pavilion was used as an emergency shelter for several families. The pavilion has been extensively renovated since 2009 and is now well worth seeing.
Events: Venue for smaller events spread over the year. See the website of the pavilion.
Specials: Weddings in the garden parlor of the Moorish Pavilion – civil weddings /

Castles and Palaces on the Lower Rhine:

Moorish Pavilion

Location : Leyenburg 4, 47509 Rheurdt

Opening Times: Privately owned

Internet : http://www.maurischer-pavillon.de/

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