The Voerde moated castle probably comes from the 13th century, but was only mentioned in a document later.

In the 17th century the tower of the castle was also added. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park with a pond. Today the castle is considered a cultural meeting point, because theater performances, poetry readings and art exhibitions take place in the castle hall. You can also enjoy celebrations here. People also like to get married in the castle. In the basement (Ratskeller) there is also a restaurant that is now known beyond the regional borders.


Moated Castle Voerde

History: The former moated castle probably dates from 1200, but was only mentioned in a document in 1344 – the tower was added to the castle in 1668 – today the castle serves as a cultural meeting point
Events: concerts, theater performances, readings
Specials: restaurant in the castle vault / weddings in the castle

Castles and Palaces on the Lower Rhine:

Moated Castle Voerde

Location : Allee 65, 46562 Voerde

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This map shows some historic castles and palaces in the region of the Lower Rhine. Some are among the most beautiful castles in Europe.

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