Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz) , of the former fortress of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossas, unfortunately only the ruins can be visited today.

Although only the last remnants can be seen, the Imperial Palace is still very worth seeing. The castle complex was built in 1184 by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and has seen some significant events over the centuries. The imperial palace experienced one of the worst moments around 1702 when parts of the fortifications were blown up. Take a detour to Kaiserwerth and visit the castle ruins and the romantic village of Kaiserswerth with its numerous buildings worth seeing. From Düsseldorf you can also take a boat tour to Kaiserwerth.


Imperial Palace Kaiserswerth

History: Built in 1184 by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa
Guided tours: Guided tours through the Friends of Kaiserpfalz.e.V. by arrangement
Events: Some events take place on the grounds of the Kaiserpfalz, including theater performances or concerts
Specials: Events take place at the Kaiserpfalz. / The district of Kaiserswerth is well worth seeing

Castles and Palaces on the Lower Rhine:

Imperial Palace Kaiserswerth

Location : Burgallee, 40489 Düsseldorf- Kaiserswerth

Opening Times: See Homepage

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