Greiffenhorst Castle was built in Krefeld-Linn around 1840 in the style of Berlin classicism.

The beautiful building with its octagonal floor plan shines to this day in the style of Berlin classicism. The wrought iron bars on the roof are very characteristic. On the one hand, they are an example of blacksmithing and, on the other hand, protection, since the roofs could also be used as terraces. Today the castle serves as a venue.


Greiffenhorst Castle Krefeld

History: Built around 1840 as a hunting peplum, the castle today serves as a location for cultural events
Events: Events such as concerts, readings and art exhibitions and receptions.
Specials: Rooms for rent / Greiffenhorstpark is a landscape park well worth seeing /

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Greiffenhorst Castle Krefeld

Location : Greiffenhorst 1, 47809 Krefeld

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