The imposing Swan Castle (Schwanenburg) stands on the “Kliff” ridge and towers over the city of Kleve on the Lower Rhine.

Destruction and reconstruction changed the appearance of the castle in the past. The current shape of the castle can essentially be dated to the 17th century. The swan tower, which can still be visited today, and offers a unique view of the city and the surrounding area, dates from the 15th century. Today, the district court and the regional court as well as a geological museum in the swan tower are located in the castle.


Swan Castle Kleve

History: A castle or a fortified structure stood on the ridge long ago – in the 14th century the castle becomes the seat of the Count of Kleve. From there on, the castle suffered from decay, destruction and reconstruction. It was last destroyed in World War II and then rebuilt.
Guided tours: Guided tours through the Schwanenburg / Kleve city tours including the Schwanenburg
Specials: Geological Museum in the Swan Tower / From the Swan Tower you have a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding area

Castles and Palaces on the Lower Rhine:

Swan Castle Kleve

Location : Schloßberg 1, 47533 Kleve

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This map shows some historic castles and palaces in the region of the Lower Rhine. Some are among the most beautiful castles in Europe.

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