Kempen Castle is located in the historic old town center and was built around 1400.

In the course of its history the castle was destroyed and rebuilt. Today the Kempen Landesburg shines in new splendor and every year on St. Martin’s procession in the light of beautiful fireworks. The castle was formerly the center of the city fortifications, today the city archive and the Verein Kulturraum Niederrhein e.V. are located in the neo-Gothic brick building. Parts of the city wall and the “Kuhtor”, the former main gate of the city wall, are well preserved.


Castle Kempen

History: The historic castle was built around 1400
Guided tours: One of the towers of the castle can be climbed during a city tour.
Events: Every year the St. Martin’s procession goes around the castle and fireworks are set off from the castle.
Specials: The historic town center of Kempens is well worth seeing and the castle is part of the so-called old town tour

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Castle Kempen

Location : Thomasstraße 20, 47906 Kempen

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