Hertefeld Castle was mentioned for the first time in 1317 and has undergone multiple renovations in its eventful history.

In 1945 the castle was destroyed to its foundation walls during the chaos of war. After an earthquake in 1992, a large subsidence crack in the north-east wall gave the impulse to bring the ruin, which has meanwhile completely overgrown, back to life. For this purpose, it was cleared in 1995 and its remaining substance secured. From 2004, the main tower and the middle wing of the castle were finally rebuilt on the old foundation walls according to traditional views. Today you can spend the night in the extraordinary ambience!


Castle Hertefeld Weeze

History: Mentioned for the first time in 1317, the castle has undergone multiple renovations in its eventful history. The castle was last extensively renovated around the turn of the millennium – today it is privately owned. Archaeological finds that were discovered inside the ruins during the repair work show that it was used here as early as the 13th century. Archaeological excavations have also found a previous building in the core of the current ruins, which is dated to the 14th century. Those interested can find more details in the encyclopedia planned for the castle. Today the former castle ruins serve as the residence of the count families and as a hotel. Guests can stay overnight in the six exclusive guest rooms or suites and feel the very special atmosphere. The 5 hectare park also appears in new splendor.
Guided tours: Guided tours on request (with the option of a cozy tea time or a coffee table)
Specials: Spend the night in Hertefeld Castle / There are magical event possibilities, e.g. Receptions, parties and celebrations or films. see event locations / weddings in the castle /

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Castle Hertefeld Weeze

Location : Hertefeld 1, 47652 Weeze

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Internet : http://www.hertefeld.com

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