Juechen Castle Dyck, the former moated castle of the Dyck family, was converted into a palace in the 17th century.

Today Dyck Castle, which has seen many ups and downs, is in the style of the late Renaissance. The four-winged castle wing is framed by imposing towers. Around the castle complex there is still the water system of the former water castle. The interior of the castle was splendidly redesigned in the 18th century. Ceiling paintings, stucco and carvings decorate individual rooms of the castle that are only accessible to the public at a few times.


Juechen Castle Dyck

A visit to Dycks Castle with its beautiful park is almost a must for everyone who comes to the Lower Rhine. It does not matter whether you go for a walk through the beautiful park, stop in the castle cafe or take part in one of the numerous events in the castle or on the castle grounds.

History: First mentioned in a document in 1094, owned by the family for over 900 years, owned by the Schloss Dyck Foundation since 1999
Guided tours: Open tours on specific dates, group tours by arrangement
Events: Events such as concerts, Niederrhein Music Festival, Classic Days, Gartenlust and more
Specials: The landscape garden of Schloss Dyck was laid out in the English style- In the former moated castle “Schloss Dyck” you can celebrate on various occasions in an exclusive ambience. – weddings and wedding celebrations in the historic moated castle Schloss Dyck.

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Castle Dyck

Location : Schloss Dyck, 41363 Jüchen

Opening Times: See Homepage

Internet : https://www.stiftung-schloss-dyck.de/

This map shows some historic castles and palaces in the region of the Lower Rhine. Some are among the most beautiful castles in Europe.

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You will find numerous historic building in the region of the Lower Rhine. For example castles, churches, mills and more.

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