Bloemersheim Castle is located in Neukirchen-Vluyn on the Lower Rhine and was first mentioned around 1400.

Bloemersheim Castle was first mentioned around 1400, later a knight’s seat and finally rebuilt into a moated castle. The castle has been in the family since 1800. Unfortunately, the castle cannot be visited, but can only be viewed from the outside. In connection with a bike excursion, it is still worth making a detour there.


Bloemersheim Castle Neukirchen Vluyn

History: First mentioned around 1400
Specials: Fruit sales at the plantation / Christmas tree sales by the Bloemersheim forestry company / Firewood sales by the Bloemersheim forestry company

Castles and Palaces on the Lower Rhine:

Bloemersheim Castle Neukirchen Vluyn

Location : Bloemersheimer Weg 1, 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn

Opening Times: is privately owned

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This map shows some historic castles and palaces in the region of the Lower Rhine. Some are among the most beautiful castles in Europe.

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You will find numerous historic building in the region of the Lower Rhine. For example castles, churches, mills and more.

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