Lower Rhine Water Skiing

If you like water skiing, you will find water ski lifts at some lakes and dredging holes that pull the water skier or the wakeboarder over a circuit through the water using a leash. These facilities are usually only open from spring to autumn.

Wasserski am Niederrhein


Since the speed of the pull rope is variable, you should make sure that beginners in particular do not start at high speed. If you do not have your own equipment, you can often rent skis. Depending on the system, some euros are more or less payable. the investment is worth it because of the particularly high fun factor. However, water skiing on the Rhine is only permitted to a limited extent.

Water Skiing

Water Ski Facility Blaue Lagune

Features: 3 Courses with a length of 780 meters

Address: Am Heidsee 5, Wachtendonk
Internet: http://www.blauelagune.de/

Water Ski Facility Töppersee

Features: Course with a length of 800 meters

Address: Lohfelder Weg 91, 47239 Duisburg
Internet: http://www.wasserskilift-toeppersee.de/

Water Ski Facility FZX

Features: Course with a length of almost 1000 meters

Address: Strohweg 2, 46509 Xanten
Internet: http://f-z-x.de/

Water Ski Facility Wedau

Features: Course with a length of

Address: Bertaallee 10, 47055 Duisburg
Internet: http://www.wasserski-wedau.de

This map shows some water ski facilities in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different services.

Water Ski Facilities

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Water Sports Lower Rhine

You will find numerous water sports here. You can swim , fishing, sailing, rowing,  water skiing and more.

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Water Skiing on the Rhine river

Water skiing on the Rhine, some sections of the Rhine are approved for water skiing under certain conditions! Pay attention to signage on site.

The following sections of the Rhine are open to water skiing. Please note the respective requirements and the signage on site. Rhine kilometers 745.50 – 749.00 Düsseldorf-Niederkassel to Löricker Hafen; Rhine kilometers 755.40 -759.30 Kaiserswerth Langst to Nierst; Rhine kilometers 843.00 – 844.975 above Grietherort Altrhein, source Wasserschutzpolizei NRW (water protection police NRW).

The routes are marked with E 17 signs, water skiing is allowed here from sunrise to sunset, as long as no specific times are specified. Furthermore, the weather conditions must be right. In addition, a second person must watch the water skier in the pulling boat, these are just a few of the provisions that must be observed if you want to water ski on the designated routes on the Rhine. Further information should be obtained from the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (https://elwis.de).

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