Lower Rhine Sport Shipping

The region of the Lower Rhine is very popular with fans of motor boating. Because in particular the Rhine, the largest waterway in Europe, offers many recreational skippers and sports boaters various opportunities to pursue their hobby. Whether you are planning shorter trips to the Rhine or longer tours, for example to the North Sea in Holland, skippers will find a berth at the numerous marinas in the region of the Lower Rhine.

Sports Shipping Rhine


The region of Lower Rhine also experiences an influx of water sports enthusiasts every year at the world’s largest water sports fair. Hundreds of thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors come to the water sports fair “boot Düsseldorf” every year to see and present innovations in the field of water sports.

In order to steer a boat yourself, you need a boat driver’s license, which can also be obtained on special courses on the Lower Rhine. According to the law, a driver’s license is required to steer a sports boat with an output of 5 HP (3.69 kW) or more on inland waterways (Rhine). The relevant traffic regulations for pleasure boat traffic on the Rhine are the Rhine Shipping Police Ordinance & the Inland Shipping Road Order. (Source: Water Police NRW)

Motorboat driving on the Rhine: It should be noted that skippers of a boat are able to steer a ship, i.e. they should be in possession of the necessary papers and licenses, and also be physically and mentally unaffected by alcohol or medication. There are also speed controls on the Rhine and other rivers or lakes.

Sports Shipping / Marinas & Berth

Duisburg Marina Innenhafen

Latitude: 51° 26′ 20″ Nord
Longitude: 6° 45′ 50″ Ost
Rhine kilometer 776.6 km

Internet: http://www.marinaduisburg.de/

Düsseldorf Marina Medienhafen

Latitude: 51°13 Nord
Longitude: 6°45 Ost
Rhine kilometer 743.1Km

Internet: http://www.marina-duesseldorf.de

Wesel Sporthafen Römerwardt

Latitude: 51°66 Nord
Longitude: 6°58 Ost
Rhine kilometer 816,5 Km

Internet: http://www.yc-wesel.de

Neuss Sporthafen

Latitude: 51°18 Nord
Longitude: 6.72 Ost
Rhine kilometer 736Km

Internet: http://www.nwv-neuss.de

Emmerich Porta Marina

Latitude: 51° 50′ 15″ Nord
Longitude: 6° 13′ 19″ Ost
Rhine kilometer 853,75Km

Internet: http://www.yhe.eu/

Kalkar Yacht & Bootshafen

Latitude: 51.74 Nord
Longitude: 6.39 Ost
Rhine kilometer 853,75Km

Internet: http://www.wsv-xanten.de/.


Sports Shipping / Marinas & Berth

Rees Yachthafen Mahnensee

Latitude: 51.77 Nord
Longitude: 6.34 Ost
Rhine kilometer 843,3Km

Internet: https://ryc-rees.de/

Xanten Hafen FZX

Latitude: 51.670639
Longitude: 6.454611
Rhine kilometer

Internet: http://f-z-x.de/

This map shows some marinas & berths in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different services.

Marinas / Berths

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