Lower Rhine Must See

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find numerous attractions and sights. These include historical and modern buildings as well as natural sites, historic city centers, museums and gardens & parks.
You should not miss some sights of the region of the Lower Rhine. These include Dyck Castle, Moyland Castle, the Kamp terrace garden, the historic town center of Wachtendonk, the old town of Kempen, Dom Xanten, the Chapel of Mercy in Kevelaer, Duisburg harbor and the Roman Museum Xanten and others.

Must See Things Lower Rhine


Attractions and Must See in the Lower Rhine Region

Kevelaer is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Germany and offers numerous sacred buildings as well as a variety of historical buildings. Furthermore, Kevelear exudes a unique atmosphere that invites you to stroll, linger and even shop.

Zons on the Rhine is a cultural-historical figurehead, in which you can see numerous historical buildings such as medieval fortifications, city walls, towers and moats. Take your time, the medieval city center is exceptional and worth seeing.

Kempen is a lovely town with about 37,000 inhabitants. the old town has numerous historical buildings. The town’s landmark is the medieval castle. Also worth seeing is the Schulstrasse with numerous historical buildings, as well as the city mill and the St. Mary’s provost church.

Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as an international fashion and trade fair city and a lucrative business location. Furthermore the city is well known for good tasting beer. Altbeer (Altbier) a beer specialty that only exists on the Rhine. Düsseldorf offers sights, a huge range of leisure and cultural activities and much more. Take a city tour on the double decker bus and see the highlights of the city.

Xanten is a cultural-historical city with a millennia-old history and offers a variety of historical sights. Founded in the area of ​​the former Roman city of Colonia Ulpia Trajan, Xanten still has evidence from Roman times. The historical city center of Xanten, however, is characterized by its medieval city history.

Rees on the Rhine, the Rhine promenade alone is particularly worth seeing.

Historic Buildings Lower Rhine

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find diverse historic buildings as castles,  palaces, churches and more.

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Parking Disc Use It

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Maps of Lower Rhine

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Rhine Bridges Lower Rhine

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Düsseldorf Airport

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Beautiful Places Lower Rhine

Beautiful places in the region of the Lower Rhine, there are numerous beautiful places and squares...

Bittern Project Nettetal

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De Witt Lake

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Nature Resevere Dämmer-Forest

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Leisure Fun Lower Rhine

The region of the Lower Rhine offers a variety of opportunities to make leisure time entertaining, cultural or sporty.

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Attractions and Must See in the Lower Rhine Region

Palace Dyck Jüchen (Schloss Dyck) , the remarkable castle with its beautiful garden is located in Jüchen and is definitely worth a trip.

Monastery Kamp-Lintfort (Kloster Kamp), is worth seeing both for its sacral buildings and for the beautiful terrace garden. The museum also offers information about the Cistercian order.

Chapel of Mercy Kevelear (Gnadenkapelle Kevelaer) , the hexagonal dome has a fantastic high altar, as well as beautiful ceiling paintings. The highlight of the chapel is the miraculous image of the Mother of God, which attracts pilgrims from all over the world to Kevelear.

Palace Benrath Düsseldorf (Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf) , the castle with its connected park is particularly worth seeing. The former hunting lodge was completed in 1773.

Palace Moyland Bedburg-Hau (Schloss Moyland Bedburg Hau), the unique neo-Gothic palace complex, was once the residence of princes and nobles and is now used as a museum.

Castle Linn Krefeld (Burg Linn Krefeld) , a former state castle, the oldest walls of which date from 1200.

Nature reserve Bislicher Insel Xanten, was an island in the Rhine in the 18th century, which was later straightened at this point, causing the Rhine loop to silt up.

Japanese Garden Düsseldorf (Japanischer Garten Düsseldorf), the beautiful garden is located in the north park and has design elements such as trees, bushes, water surfaces, stones and bridges. There are of course a few koi swimming in the pond.


Cycling Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine has a 2000 km long, well-signposted network of cycle paths. You can rent bikes on many places.

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Garden Parks Lower Rhine

Gardens & parks invite you to linger or go for a walk. They are oases of calm and witness to garden art.

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Hiking Lower Rhine

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find various hiking trails through beautiful landscapes and natural sites.

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Attractions and Must See in the Lower Rhine Region

Roman Museum Xanten (Römermuseum Xanten), the museum shows an impressive and educational exhibition about Roman life on the Lower Rhine with historical finds, as well as various display boards.

Lower Rhine Open Air Museum Grefrath (Niederrheinisches Freilichtmuseum Grefrath), the museum shows historical buildings as well as workshops from a bygone era. See how people lived and worked on the Lower Rhine.

Krickenbeck Lakes (Krickenbecker Seen), a 1275 hectare nature reserve and local recreation area, which can be explored via numerous and beautiful hiking and cycling trails.

Kriemhild Windmill Xanten, this is a windmill whose blades still turn in the wind today to grind the grain for the bakery. You can enjoy the cake and bread directly on site, while observing the technology of the mill.

Church of St Nicolai Kalkar (Kirche St Nicolai Kalkar), Gothic church from the early 15th century is known for its carvings that adorn the high altar, for example.

Archaeological Park Xanten (Archäologischer Park Xanten ) , a unique place on the Lower Rhine where you can follow the traces of the Romans more than 2000 years ago.

Moerser Geleucht, is also called Laterna Magica, is an approx. 30 meter high replica of an original miner’s lamp.

Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord, a former industrial site that is now used as a leisure center and is also a monument to the steel industry on the Lower Rhine.

Wedding Planning

In the region of the Lower Rhine you can get married in many different ways and in different places!

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Lower Rhine Accommodations

Whether short breaks, weekend trips, cycling holidays or city trips, this website shows a selection of accommodations.

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Shopping Lower Rhine

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find shopping streets, farm shops as well as luxury shops or shopping centers!

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