Lower Rhine Golf

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find numerous beautifully designed golf courses. their greens and fairways require different performances from golfers. Which handicap or which requirements are required on the individual golf courses can be found in the explanations about the respective golf course.
Furthermore, both golf courses and special practice facilities also offer beginners various opportunities to practice their tee.

Golf Courses Lower Rhine


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Little Golf Lexicon

Tee : Usually a flat area of ​​about 100m2, which serves as the tee of the respective hole.

Fairways: Fairways are the areas between the tee and the hole. They can be 80 to 550 meters long.

Green: Is a very short cut area around the respective hole from which the ball is putted.

Bunkers: Bunkers are obstacles that are built into the golf course. Mostly it is sand or water bunker.

Par: Specified number of strokes for a course or a hole.

Rough: Rough is the area along the fairways that is covered with tall grass and bushes, but also trees.

Golfodrom: A special type of driving range that is arranged in a circle.

Driving Range: The practice area of ​​a golf course where you can practice your tee. It is usually divided into different lengths.

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