Lower Rhine Fishing

The region of the Lower Rhine with the Rhine and some other rivers & lakes is one of the most varied fishing areas in Germany. In addition to the banks of the Rhine, various lakes, small rivers and streams offer numerous fishing spots in which a wide variety of fish can be caught. Also worth mentioning are some specially designed fishing ponds that almost guarantee a catch.

Fishing Lower Rhine



In Germany, however, some legal requirements must be met in order to be allowed to fish legally. The basic requirement is possession of the fishing license, which can be obtained by passing the fishing test. Only those who are in possession of this official fishing permit can then obtain permits / day tickets for individual fishing waters or fishing routes.

Numerous fishing areas with different fish stocks await anglers on the Lower Rhine who want to test their skills and luck.
However, permits for the respective fishing area must always be obtained before you cast the fishing rod. In addition to the public or the waters of individual communities, there are also various private fishing ponds on the Lower Rhine.

The so-called trout ponds are very popular and offer almost a catch guarantee. In other waters, however, it depends on the skill and of course a little luck.

The Rhine, but also numerous smaller rivers and canals, as well as diverse lakes are used as fishing grounds. In the further course a small selection of fishing waters is described in more detail.

Fishing in the Rhine

if you have a permit for the Rhine, you can go fishing on the banks of the Rhine. Good fishing grounds are, for example, at river or canal mouths in the Rhine.

Since the Rhine is home to many fish, you can find eels, pikeperch, perch, pike, but also carp, roach and stickleback. Depending on the fishing destination, fly fishing as well as bottom fishing, spin fishing and float fishing are used.

As everywhere, the legal minimum dimensions for fish apply, fish that are too small must be reset immediately. In addition, nets on the Rhine are prohibited. Anglers can get bait, accessories and permits for the Rhine in the local fishing shops, for example.

Note the ban on fishing on the Rhine in the Lower Rhine region!

Fishing on the Niers

individual sections of the river Niers, the so-called Lose , are released for fishing.

The individual Lose are managed by the Niers fishing cooperative and can be leased. Fishing permits can be purchased directly from the Niers fishing cooperative (Fischereigenossenschaft Niers) on non-leased water routes.

The respective tenants are responsible for leased routes.

Furthermore, the legal minimum dimensions and closed seasons of the individual fish species must be observed.

Fishing at Lake Wissler

The approximately 100 hectare lake offers enough space for all water sports enthusiasts, so that anglers like to try their luck here.

Fish such as carp, zander and pike bite especially early in the morning. During the day, many fish withdraw into the deeper water, which means that the bait should be placed far from the shore. Only in the evening do the hunters hunt for prey near the shore again.

Here, too, the minimum dimensions and closed seasons apply, and although boats are allowed on the lake, boat fishing is prohibited.

Fishing at De Witt See

the large & small De Witt See are in Nettetal.

The lake offers anglers an excellent fish population. In addition to coarse fish such as roach, tench or bream, pike, pikeperch and perch often hang on the hook of sport fishermen.

The permit can be obtained from local fishing stores, and entitles you to fish in the lakes and the adjacent part of the Nette river.

In addition to the minimum dimensions, the current catch quota per day and angler must also be observed.

Internet: https://www.acv-seerose-leuth.de/

Fishing on the Hariksee

the Hariksee is a local recreation area in the beautiful Schwalmtal, which offers numerous attractions.

For anglers, the water surface of approx. 20 ha offers enough space at marked areas.

You can obtain permits for fishing in the Hariksee at the boat rental at the Marina Hariksee.

Internet: http://www.hariksee.com

Fishing on the Poelvennsee

Lake Poelvennsee is one of the Krickenbecker lakes and offers numerous fishing spots in a natural environment.

The lake is particularly known for having good chances of catching pike or carp. There are parking spaces near the lakes from which you can walk to the designated fishing jetties.

Permits can be obtained from local fishing shops. Note, the catch quota is regulated.

Tüschenbroich Fishing Park

if you want to fish idyllically, there are three different waters to choose from at the Tüschenbroich fishing park.

Located in the Maas-Schwalm-Nette nature park, the fishing park offers 40000 square meters of water with different fish stocks.

The generally applicable fishing laws and closed seasons apply to all waters.

Internet: http://angelpark-tueschenbroich.de/


Fishing shops in the region of Lower Rhine

numerous fishing shops on the Lower Rhine provide anglers with the necessary equipment and baits.

Some of the fishing shops also sell licenses for individual fishing waters. You can buy a Rhine license for one day or several days, for example, in many shops.

Sometimes you get a tip as to which bait is particularly successful in which fishing waters.

The map shows a selection of local fishing shops.


Restrictions & closed seasons fishing of individual fish species

Eel: minimum size 40cm – closed season: October 1st to March 1st in the Rhine main stream
Brown trout: minimum size 25cm – closed: October 20th to March 15th
Pike: minimum size 50cm – closed seasons: February 15-April 30
Carp: minimum size 35cm – closed seasons:
Tench: minimum size 25cm – closed:
Pikeperch: minimum size 45 cm – closed: April 1 -31. May
Grayling: minimum size 30 cm – closed seasons: March 1st to April 30th as well as fishing ban in certain sections of water

Internet: https://recht.nrw.de

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