Lower Rhine Diving

The diving areas in the region of the Lower Rhine are not quite as spectacular as some coral reefs in the South Pacific, but these diving sites also have their own charm. Some lakes in the region offer an insight into the local fish world, other lakes are particularly deep and still others are rather shallow. Some are very unique like the gasometer in Duisburg. Here you can dive in an old industrial building. Both experienced divers and beginners will find numerous opportunities to go underwater.

Diving Lake Lower Rhine


Diving is more than just a sport. Diving brings people into a world for which they were not actually created. So diving is always associated with a small adventure and, depending on the diving area, a fascinating natural experience. You can dive all year round in the region of the Lower Rhine in many lakes and dredging holes.

But nobody can go diving on the Lower Rhine on their own. Because a diving permit is required for the lakes and dredging holes. Since most dive sites are managed and maintained by clubs, you will not only receive information there but also diving permits.

Diving & Safety: In order to enjoy a dive to the fullest, special attention is paid to safety in diving. Not only must the diving equipment be in perfect condition, but the respective diver must have passed a medical examination.

Diving Areas

Duisburg Lohheider See

Depths: different depths up to 11 meters

Address: Orsoyer Allee 121, 47199 Duisburg

Internet: http://www.taucher-kali.de

Wachtendonk Blaue Lagune


Adresse: Am Heidsee 5, Wachtendonk

Internet: http://www.blauelagune.de/

Meerbusch Großer See (B-See)

Depths: average 4-8 meters

Address: Am Weilerhof, 40668 Meerbusch


Kerken Eyllersee


Address: Am Eyller See 1 D- 47647 Kerken

Internet: http://www.eyllersee.de/

Duisburg Gasometer

Depths: Depth of about 12 meters

Address: Emscherstraße 71, 47137 Duisburg

Internet: http://www.tauchrevier-gasometer.de

Xanten Nord- und Südsee

Depths: up to 15 meters

Address: Info-Center – Am Meerend 2, 46509 Xanten

Internet: http://f-z-x.de/


Diving Areas

Duisburg Rahmer See

Depths: up to 15 meters

Address: Rahmer See, 47269 Duisburg

Internet: http://www.tauchrevier-gasometer.de

Wesel Auesee

Depths: different depths up to 11 meters

Address: Auedamm, 46487 Wesel

Internet: http://www.wesel.de

Düsseldorf Elbsee

Depths: different depths up to 20 meters

Address: Breidenbruch, Düsseldorf

Internet: http://www.dtv-ev.de

This map shows some diving areas in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different dephts.

Diving Areas

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