The municipality of Kranenburg is located in the district of Kleve in the region of the Lower Rhine. The municipality consists of the districts of Kranenburg, Frasselt, Grafwegen, Mehr, Niel, Nutterenden, Schottheide, Wyler and Zyfflich. Because of its special location between the nature reserves “Reichswald” in the south and “Die Düffel” in the north, and given its hostorical sights, the city is a popular travel destination on the Lower Rhine. Whether you want to stroll through the historic center of Kranenburg to explore the medieval city wall, the fortified tower or the late Gothic pilgrimage church or if you want to discover the beautiful region on one of the hiking and cycling trails, Kranenburg is a place steeped in history and worth seeing.

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Kranenburg is located directly on the so-called Via Romana, a signposted cycle path that runs along the historic trade route between Xanten and Nijmwegen. This bike path is one of the numerous bike and hiking trails on which you can explore Kranenburg and its surroundings. In the historical center, however, visitors can do without any means of transportation and can easily visit the sights on foot. A very special way of exploring Kranenburg is offered by the night watchman tours, in which a night watchman guides visitors through the historic town center and provides interesting facts and anecdotes about the community and its sights. Come and experience Kranenburg, a municipality with more than 700 years of history, which also offers a wide range of leisure and nature options.

In addition to the numerous sights in the center of Kranenburg, you will also find some historical and remarkable buildings in the individual districts. For example the St Antonius church, which was inaugurated in 1853, or the Forellenbrunnen (trout fountain) in Nütterenden. Also worth seeing is the St. Martin Collegiate Church in the Zyfflich district, in which there is a baptismal font from the 13th century. The Gothic parish church of St Bonifatius in Niel also has an old baptismal font. But the most famous church in Kranenburg is the late Gothic pilgrimage church of St. Peter and Paul, to which believers have been making pilgrimages for more than 700 years to ask and pray in front of the Kranenburger Kreuzheiligtum.

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Tourist Info Center: Bahnhofstraße 15, 47559 Kranenburg


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Just take a trip or weekend trip to Kranenburg, because the place is not only worth seeing, but also offers great recreational potential due to its proximity to the nature parks. Explore the city or use Kranenburg as a base to explore the natural beauties in the surrounding area.



The Reichswald attracts nature lovers, hikers, riders and cyclists alike to the region on the lower Lower Rhine to experience the wonderful nature up close. The nature reserve the Düffel is no less interesting. In the winter months, it is primarily the wild geese that hibernate in the area of ​​the Düffel and attract visitors to the region, in spring and summer the storks in particular fascinate nature and animal lovers. But that’s not all: there are numerous other animals in the nature reserves that, with a little luck, can be spotted. The damp meadows of the nature reserve Düffel offer a habitat for numerous bird species, frogs, insects and many other animals.

Deer, birds, foxes and badgers are native to the Reichswald. However, most animals are very shy, so you should be as quiet as possible in the forest if you want to discover animals. Another possibility to see animals and learn more about the nature and the landscape of the region is offered by guided hikes or excursions, for example with the NABU nature conservation association. Let yourself be captivated by the beautiful nature of the Lower Rhine and enjoy Kranenburg and its beautiful surroundings. You will also find a unique opportunity to discover the Lower Rhine region in Kranenburg. With the Grenzland Draisine you can use muscle power to travel on rails between Kleve, Kranenburg and Groesbeek.

Tip: Whether you need maps for hiking & cycling or are looking for more information about Kranenburg, the visitor center on Bahnhofstrasse in Kranenburg is a good place to go.