The small town of Kempen in the region of the Lower Rhine is well worth seeing. The city literally invites you to be visited. A must for every visitor is exploring the historic city center with the beautiful St. Mary’s Propstei Church and the medieval castle. Also worth seeing is the butter market, where you will find some restaurants and cafes that invite you to linger. In short, the city of Kempen has been very successful in preserving historical buildings and integrating them into the modern life of the city through sensible use.

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Kempen is a remarkable town with about 37,000 inhabitants, which has both historical and modern sides. The city’s landmark is the former Kurkölnische Landesburg in the historical center of the city, whose towers shine bright red every year to the most magnificent St. Martin’s procession. Not less worth seeing is the St. Mary’s Church, which stands in the center of the old town and has both Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. Just come to Kempen and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the city on the Lower Rhine or take advantage of the wide range of leisure activities.

A must for every visitor is the historic city center of Kempens, which has shone in its old glory after numerous renovations in recent decades and is therefore popular with many people from near and far. The starting point for many sightseeing tours is often the lively shopping street that runs through the center. From here, smaller paths lead to beautiful narrow alleys with half-timbered houses or to the romantic Kuhtor with its brick houses. In various places you will also find numerous monuments and a variety of restaurants and cafes that invite you to linger.

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On the one hand, the city of Kempen has succeeded in preserving historical buildings very well and, on the other hand, has incorporated them into modern life through sensible use. For example, today the popular restaurant “et kemp’sche huus” is located in a beautiful half-timbered house. The city archive is housed in the Cologne Castle, and the Lower Rhine Museum of Sacred Art and the Kramer Museum are located in the former Franciscan monastery. A windmill, a relic of the former fortification also shines today in its original appearance and should not be missing on any tour of the old town. On the old school street, which is also in the historic city center, numerous renovations have meanwhile created a charming alley with old half-timbered houses.

Visit the historically and culturally interesting town, which, in addition to its numerous medieval buildings, hosts a wide variety of events over the course of a year. The St. Martinszug in Kempen is one of the largest and most beautiful parades in Germany, which is even broadcast on television. Visitors to the old town also come to the Old Town Festival on the first weekend in May or the Kempener Music Festival on Pentecost weekend. The event year ends with the annual Christmas market.



Since Kempen and its surroundings have beautiful natural sites, both residents and visitors use the region for excursions into the countryside. Bicycle tours around Kempen are very popular. They lead the cyclist through nature on the one hand and to other sights and places of interest on the other. For example, the town of Grefrath is very interesting, where you can visit an open-air museum or visit the outdoor pool in summer and the ice skating rink in winter. Other popular excursion destinations include the old trestle windmill in Tönisberg or the Krickenbeck lakes and the Blue Lagoon. Those who prefer to hike will find various hiking trails around Kempen. Walk along the Niers and experience forests, vast arable landscapes and river landscapes up close.

Kempen also has a mixed offer for water sports enthusiasts. In the “Aqua Sol”, a popular leisure and fun pool, there are outdoor and indoor pools, as well as slides and diving towers. Nearby quarry ponds invite surfers and sailors as well as the Krickenbecker lakes to linger. Furthermore, athletes can perform their sporting activities in a wide variety of sports facilities. Since there are also numerous riding stables on the Lower Rhine, it should also be mentioned here that you can also explore the Lower Rhine on horseback or during a covered wagon ride. Kuhpfad wishes you a pleasant stay in Kempen.