Grefrath is a small community in the region of the Lower Rhine with the districts of Grefrath, Vinkrath, Oedt and Mulhouse. The charming community is particularly known for its diverse range of sports and leisure activities. The Grefrather EisSport and EventPark is known far beyond the borders of the region, because there you can not only skate in winter, but also attend events all year round. Hikes and bike tours along the Niers river as well as canoeing and paddling tours on the small river are also very popular. You can take to the sky from the Niershorst sports airport.

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The sights of the community of Grefrath, which you should have seen, include the Catholic parish church St. Laurentius in Grefrather City, the Lower Rhine Open-Air Museum with the historic Dorenburg and the medieval castle ruin Burg Uda. The Benedictine Abbey of Mariendonk is also of cultural importance.

Just take a trip or weekend trip to Grefrath, because the place is not only worth seeing, but also offers great recreational potential due to its proximity to the Schwalm – Nette Nature Park. Explore the city or use Grefrath as a base to explore the natural beauties in the surrounding area. The nature reserve of the Krickenbecker lakes or the Grefrather Niersauen attract nature lovers, hikers, riders and cyclists alike to the region on the lower Lower Rhine to experience the wonderful nature up close. The Wankumer Heide nature reserve is no less interesting.

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Gemeinde Grefrath

Address: Rathausplatz 3, 47929 Grefrath


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Since Grefrath lies in the middle of the Lower Rhine landscape with its idyllic forests, floodplains, as well as field and meadow landscapes and lakes, bike tours around Grefrath are very popular. Because the well-signposted cycle paths lead you through nature and on the other hand to other sights and places worth seeing in the diverse region.