Emmerich on the Rhine

The city of Emmerich on the Rhine is in close proximity to the Netherlands directly on the Rhine. Here the river is spanned by the longest suspension bridge in Germany. The city was first mentioned in the year 828 under the name “Villa Embrici”. Since Emmerich was characterized by magnificent buildings at its best, in the 14th century the city also received the nickname “embrica decora”, which means something like pretty Emmerich. And even though wars, floods and destruction have repeatedly haunted the city, visitors can still find some gems from a bygone era

City Emmerich



The figurehead and popular destination of the city is the Rhine promenade, from which you have a beautiful view of the river and the city. There are also some remarkable bronze sculptures by the artist Levetzow. If you continue walking along the Rhine in the direction of the Rhine Bridge, you will automatically reach the St. Martini Church, a remnant from the time when Emmerich was still a Hanseatic city. Also worth seeing is the St. Aldegundis Church, a medieval church and the Holy Spirit Church, whose architecture is characterized by glass and concrete. Don’t miss the crane gate, the level house and the fountain at Nonnenplatz.

The center of the city of Emmerich, which is characterized by a spacious and car-free pedestrian zone, also tempts you to stroll, shop or linger in one of the numerous restaurants and cafes that spoil your guests with Rhenish and international dishes. There are also several museums in the city center. To name a few the Rheinmuseum at Martinikirchgang 2, which depicts the city’s history using found objects and documentation, or the Maritime Museum, which is located in the same building, and shows numerous ship models. Also worth seeing is the Poster Museum, the Museum of Coffee Technology and the various galleries in the city. Every year, a wide variety of events, such as marksmen’s festivals or martin parades, take place in Emmerich. Not to be forgotten is the varied theater program and the wide range of leisure activities.

Highlights from Emmerich

  • Rheinpromenade Emmerich
  • St. Martini Kirche
  • Stiftskirche St. Vitus
  • Rhein-Museum
  • Plakat-Museum
  • Museum Kaffetechnik
  • Schlößchen Borghees
  • Stadttheater
  • Emmericher Rheinbrücke
  • Embricana Bad
  • Großes Stadtschützenfest

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City Emmerich

Tourist Info: Rheinpromenade 27, 46446 Emmerich

Internet: https://www.emmerich.de/

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Emmerich on The Rhine

Outside the city center there are other cultural, historical and particularly worth seeing buildings. One of the highlights is the St. Vitus Collegiate Church on Eltenberg, which dates back thousands of years and features both Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. Also worthwhile is a trip to the Borgheeser Forest, in which the Borghees Castle, a building built in the 18th century in a two-storey building, is located. From a not so old past, but also of great importance, is the Emmerich Rhine Bridge, an architectural masterpiece from the modern era.

Experience Emmerich on a city tour and see the most important sights! Or discover the city of Emmerich and its surroundings by bike. Well-signposted bike paths take you to the points of interest in the city. However, if you prefer to hike, there are numerous hiking trails to choose from, for example on Eltenerberg. Water sports enthusiasts will find various opportunities on the Hüthumer Meer, and skippers will find a berth in the Porta Marina. In short, Emmerich offers culture, nature and a wide range of leisure activities and events. Just go to Emmerich am Rhein and enjoy the special atmosphere of the city.