Dormagen was founded on the former Roman camp of Dornumagus and has an eventful history. Today Dormagen belongs to the Rhein-Kreis Neuss and offers numerous sights and a variety of local recreational opportunities. In total, Dormagen consists of 16 districts. The best known area is Zons with its historic city center. But the other districts also offer worth seeing buildings , such as the Knechtsteden monastery in the district of the same name. In short, today the city of Dormagen is a popular destination.

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A must for every visitor is the district of Zons, in which the Rhine toll was levied until the 18th century. The medieval fortifications, which are well worth seeing, also date from this period. The Landesburg Zons, also known as “Friedestrom Castle”, is part of this complex and was renovated like large parts of the historic city center. Today Zons is the cultural-historical figurehead of the city of Dormagen. Other historical sights of the city of Dormagen include the Knechsteden monastery with its three-aisled basilica from the 12th century.

Also worth seeing and also very eventful are the varied events in Dormagen. The historic city center gives each event a very special atmosphere, so it is not surprising that visitors to the numerous events flock to Zons from far and wide. For example, the fairytale games on the open-air stage of Friedestrom Palace are very popular. Other annual highlights are the Matthäusmarkt, a medieval craft market in September and the “Christmas fairy tale dream” in December. There is also a permanent exhibition in the district museum, which can also be found in the historic city center of Zons. Here, among other things, handicrafts from the Art Nouveau period, as well as works of textile art are shown. The Knechtsteden monastery, which is now run by the religious order, offers a place of tranquility and spiritual reflection, and has meanwhile become a place of culture and education.

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The city on the Rhine also offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Popular among locals and guests of the city include the Tannenbusch zoo in the Delhoven district. This is home to around 130 mammals and various birds in a 100 hectare forest area. There is also an insightful geological trail within the zoo, which represents almost five billion years of geological history. If you want to find out more about your environment, you should visit the nature trail within the zoo.

Athletes will also find numerous opportunities to get active. The above-mentioned Tierpark Tannenbusch offers both a fitness course and a 5-kilometer Nordic walking route. Swimmers can swim in the city’s baths. Of course, the various cycle paths that lead cyclists through the Dormagen area are also very popular. For example, it travels along the Rhine to Neuss. If the cyclist crosses to the right bank of the Rhine, for example by ferry, he will get to the state capital of Düsseldorf, where he can experience the nature of the Lower Rhine up close.

The lively pedestrian zone in Dormagen not only invites you to linger and shop, but also regularly hosts festivals and markets. Various cafes and restaurants also spoil guests with Rhenish and international dishes. In bad weather, the Rathaus Galerie offers an alternative shopping and leisure experience. Here you can also watch the latest movies in the cinema. But the real highlights of the city come from its historical past and should not be missed when staying on the Rhine. If you are planning a longer stay, there are various accommodation options to choose from.