Dinslaken is a city in the region of the Lower Rhine. The city belongs to the district of Wesel and offers some sights as well as a wide range of leisure activities, events, shopping and more. Today Dinslaken invites you to go shopping as well as take a tour of the city center, in which numerous historical buildings can be seen.

Dinslaken already received city rights in 1273 and is still a charming city where people like to live. On the one hand, the proximity to the forests of the Hohe Mark nature park, offers a great local recreational potential, and on the other hand, the city is on the edge of the Ruhr area, which offers many jobs. In the past, Dinslaken was characterized primarily by the coal and steel industry. But after the collapse of the coal mine in the 1980s , companies from the plastics processing, drive and traffic technology and environmental technology, as well as handicraft and service companies offer a large number of jobs.

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Today, the city center of Dinslaken invites you to shop, and to explore numerous historic buildings that are very worth seeing. These include the medieval castle, in which the town hall is located today , the Catholic St. Vincentius Church delights with its medieval high altar. Also worth seeing is the Voswinckelhof, which was built around 1700 and today houses a local museum. These sights, as well as the watermill at the mill museum in Hiesfeld, the Dutch windmill and the St. Cyriakus church should not be missing in any city tour.

The city’s other attractions include the diverse events in Dinslaken. Numerous spectators flock to the “DIN Days”, the Dinslaken city festival, as well as to the “Fantastival”, which offers a diverse supporting program on an open-air stage. The harness races on the Dinslaken trotting course are also worth mentioning.
However, if you want to do some sport yourself, there are several beautiful swimming and leisure pools to choose from in Dinslaken, as well as an ice skating rink in the months from early September to April. There are also various hiking and cycling trails in the adjacent Hohe Mark Nature Park. Just hike along the Rotbach to the Rhine. Or enjoy the beautiful forests of the Hohe Mark. You will be enthusiastic.

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Stadt Dinslaken

Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 82-84, 46535 Dinslaken

Internet: https://www.dinslaken.de

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Should you feel hungry in Dinslaken, then simply stop at one of the various restaurants or cafes. Here you can be sure that the physical well-being of the guests is well taken care of. But even those who would like to shop will find a wide range of goods in a wide variety of shops, boutiques and supermarkets. For longer stays, some hotels of different categories also offer their services. Kuhpfad wishes you an interesting stay in Dinslaken and its beautiful surroundings.