Bedburg Hau

The municipality of Bedburg Hau is located in the district of Kleve and consists of 7 villages, which have their own charm. Till Moyland with the beautiful Moyland Castle is certainly one of the best known places in the area.

City Bedburg-Hau



The Elisabeth Church in the Louisendorf district is no less worth seeing. The oldest part of the rural community Bedburg Hau is Qualburg, where the Romans settled in the past. In the district of Schneppenbaum you will also find one of the most beautiful private gardens in Germany and one of the oldest trees, the court linden tree, which stands in the middle of the village. In contrast, the trees in the birth forest are much younger. A tree is planted here for each newborn child in the community. This shows, among other things, the closeness to nature of the people of the community, who work largely in agriculture. Bedburg Hau is not only characterized by meadows and fields, but also by numerous forests and watercourses, which has made the region a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.

Highlights from Bedburg-Hau

  • Palace Moyland
  • House Rosendal
  • St. Markus Church
  • Elisabeth Church
  • Tom Prince M. of Nassau
  • Gerichtslinde
  • Pool Bedburger Nass
  • 8
  • Park Schloss Moyland
  • 10
  • Louisendorf

Map from Bedburg-Hau

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Gemeinde Beburg-Hau

Address: Rathausplatz 1, 47551 Bedburg-Hau


City Guide


The highlights of leisure include 2 wonderful golf courses and the indoor pool called Bedburger Nass. Some hiking trails and bike trails also attract numerous people to the region. In the immediate vicinity of Bedburg Hau is the Reichswald nature reserve, where other nature experiences await the visitor.

Bedburg Hau also offers a diverse program of events. The annual high point of the events are the Fietsvierdaagse, the music festival, as well as the artisan Christmas market and the permanent and temporary exhibitions at Moyland Castle.

Worth mentioning are the good shopping options. The Werbering Bedburg Hau advertises with free parking spaces and an interesting mix of shops and stores. If you are planning a longer stay in the green community of Bedburg-Hau, there are numerous accommodations to choose from. The local restaurants offer both international dishes and specialties from the Lower Rhine region. The tourist information office is located at Rathausplatz 1 and is happy to help with any questions.