The municipality of Alpen is located in the Wesel district in the region of the Lower Rhine. The city consists of the districts of Alpen, Bönninghardt, Menzelen and Veen. Alpen is a small place with some sights and a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

Things you should have seen in the municipality of Alpen include the early baroque Evangelical Church or the moth. No less worth seeing is the village smithy of Peters in Menzelen as well as the historical fountain and the Catholic Church. As everywhere on the Lower Rhine, you can also explore the municipality and its surroundings by bike. On various signposted bike paths you can reach the different districts and their sights. Of particular note is the so-called “Alpine Tour on the Lower Rhine”, an approximately 37-kilometer cycle circuit around the Alps.

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If you prefer to sit on a horse’s back, you will find some riding trails in the forest areas of Bönninghardt and Die Leucht. The forest areas also offer numerous hiking trails. The leisure lake Menzelen with its sandy beach and leisure facilities is also very popular. Not to forget the events in municipality of Alpen . The annual event highlights include the Alpine Road Festival, the Fountain Festival and the Forest Festival. Go out to the Lower Rhine and discover the small community.

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Highlights from Alpen

  • Protestant Church
  • Geschichtsbrunnen
  • Amaliendenkmal
  • Motte Vorburg
  • Village Blacksmith Peters
  • Die Plaggenhütte
  • Besenbinderdenkmal Bönninghardt
  • Catholic Curch Bönninghardt
  • Local History Museum
  • Waldgebiet Die Leucht
  • Lido Menzelen

Map from Alpen

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Gemeinde Alpen

Address: Rathausstraße 5, 46519 Alpen


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